Sebelum mencedok atau memetik 'ilmu' dari laman ini, anda tidak perlu meminta kebenaran tetapi diingatkan membuat semakan sendiri terlebih dahulu dengan doktor anda atau guru anda sebelum mem'forward'nya kepada orang lain dan memikul tanggungjawab akibatnya.

Pohon doa kesejahteraan dan limpahan rahmat Allah ke atas ibubapa saya dan ibubapa mertua saya. Juga ke atas guru-guru saya dan juga pesakit-pesakit saya yang banyak mengajar saya bidang ini. Segala pujian bagi Allah (peringatan ini untuk diri sendiri) . Mudah-mudahan, taubat saya diterimaNya dan segala dosa saya diampunkanNya serta saya terus dilimpahi rahmatNya. Sekiranya ada kesalahan, pohon dibetulkan, saya terbuka kepada teguran.

Sebarang percubaan berbentuk komen atau soalan bertujuan mengiklankan apa sahaja perniagaan atau blog sendiri tidak akan disiarkan. Blog ini bukanlah untuk iklan menjual barang. Peace.....

Friday, 22 April 2016

My IVF Mentor

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

My IVF mentor is currently in Prague for an Excemed conference in Reproductive Medicine. He is one of the Scientific Committee Members in Excemed (click here and scroll down : Dr Robert Fischer / Excemed)

Now that you know how serious he is about maintaining the quality of care in IVF at FCH (click here for link to FCH), I feel good that our IVF lab at PHKL also achieved and successfully maintains similar quality accreditations (iMSQH and JCI), both as ways to continuously self-monitor the highest standards already met for the accreditation. 

Dr Robert Fischer (or Dr Fischer as I call him) is there at the 1 1/2-day conference not as a participant, but he is chairing some of the sessions at the above named conference which starts today.

(Physically) I have never been to any of Excemed congresses before because:

1. It is usually held during weekend (I have to visit My-Clone).
2. The conference takes only one and a half day, but the journey and its associated jet lag takes days longer.
3. I can always log-in to their online lectures thereafter. It is also free for its members. Learning has been so much easier and more convenient. The set back : I couldn't ask questions or share my experience during the Q-n-A session.. 
4. Cost factor (berlubang-lubang dompet Mokcik nanti).

But then again,

What better way to learn than directly from the IVF Guru himself? 

He is still actively involved in 'peer teaching' i.e. giving talks at IVF conferences or at times; just as a participant. So, he is also my 'fast-track pass' for IVF updates as he always goes for conferences and meetings in Europe and beyond. The modified protocols that I have been using for my patients since end of 2012 were formulated after him having had numerous discussions and studies and putting on his patients. 

I am blessed to have him as my IVF mentor i.e. my teacher. It was a one-on-one training with me tagging along with Dr Fischer to almost everywhere in that building from 7am until about 5-7pm, observing him counseling his patients during consultations, doing TVS (that's how I gained my skill in doing pelvic sonography), OPU, ET, meeting his staff etc. It was from him that I learnt to go out of my clinic room to personally call the patient in (well, not every patient as my nurse is so efficient that she promptly calls for the next patient while I'm still busy writing - tak sempat Mokcik nak tarik nafas atau betulkan tudung pun, ahaha).  

I am further indebted to him that now, he warmly welcomes me for re-training (clinical attachment) sessions at FCH for free. It was only during the first training way back in 2003 that the training fees for me cost Eu 500 /day (I thank LPPKN  for this golden opportunity. 
Thank you! 
Thank you! 
Thank you 'sooooo' much! 
I can never thank LPPKN enough). 
Imagine how 'many cases' and 'cost-effective' I learned from him treating his 600-800 patients/year (at that time, FCH was doing between 2000-2500 IVF cycles per year and there were only 3 IVF doctors). Comparatively, the busiest IVF centre in KL now does about 600 cycles per year, shared between its doctors. Even I do only about 100-120 IVF cases yearly (Mokcik ni memang mengamalkan konsep 'leisure at work' dengan cuti sekolah/cuti bulan puasa/cuti raya dan beberapa cuti yang tak berkaitan). 

It has become a regular thing for me to go there for clinical attachment every 2 years, just to cross-check a few things. The last visit was in 2014. That means, the time has come for another session this year. This time (again), it is free of charge. I just have to fork out the money (read : Another Teacher's money) for flight tickets, accommodation etc . 

Dinner in KL. Dr Fischer was here in February 2014 to talk on IVF Stimulation. 
From left to right : my 'Another Teacher', yours truly, Michelle (our dear friend) and my IVF Teacher. 

Back in Hamburg during our honeymoon in April 2014 (yes, we went to Hamburg again about a month after my IVF training), Dr Fischer graciously hosted us for dinner at the Elbe river-front Rive Restaurant. (Boy! Had I grown that plump in 2 months.....??)

From left to right : my IVF Teacher, my 'Another Teacher' and me.


Teachers....(this goes to all of my teachers, dari sekolah rendah sampailah sekarang, my patients and other 'teachers' included)

They teach.
They lead.
They inspire.

I know Dr Fischer will be back in HH by 24th.
He has to.
He will.
God willing.

Have a safe trip home, Sir..

All praise is due to Allah.

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