Sebelum mencedok atau memetik 'ilmu' dari laman ini, anda tidak perlu meminta kebenaran tetapi diingatkan membuat semakan sendiri terlebih dahulu dengan doktor anda atau guru anda sebelum mem'forward'nya kepada orang lain dan memikul tanggungjawab akibatnya.

Pohon doa kesejahteraan dan limpahan rahmat Allah ke atas ibubapa saya dan ibubapa mertua saya. Juga ke atas guru-guru saya dan juga pesakit-pesakit saya yang banyak mengajar saya bidang ini. Segala pujian bagi Allah (peringatan ini untuk diri sendiri) . Mudah-mudahan, taubat saya diterimaNya dan segala dosa saya diampunkanNya serta saya terus dilimpahi rahmatNya. Sekiranya ada kesalahan, pohon dibetulkan, saya terbuka kepada teguran.

Sebarang percubaan berbentuk komen atau soalan bertujuan mengiklankan apa sahaja perniagaan atau blog sendiri tidak akan disiarkan. Blog ini bukanlah untuk iklan menjual barang. Peace.....

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

(selingan bulan ini) Entry Banyak Simpang

('Entry' ini tiada kaitan dengan infertiliti dan tajuk asalnya telah dipadamkan kerana isinya banyak menyimpang beberapa sudut, maklumlah, mood cuti hujung tahun)


Our impression : "Wow! Cantiknya airport ni! Rasa macam kat airport luar negara"

Not only 'now everyone can fly', now everyone can 'travel' abroad........everyday.....with just one click.
Enter Google or any other search engines, with just one click, you are 'there' in the blink of an eye (unless your wifi is nano-snail slow, heheh).
Yes, now every IT literate person ( and 'National Geography or other travel series TV programmes' watching person, better still with 3D monitor and its goggles) can 'travel'.
We can 'travel' to any country we want, without even have to physically be there! Pictures and videos can be downloaded to enhance your imagination. 
By the way, are we aware that we are all constantly 'traveling' at the speed of the Earth orbiting around the sun at 30km per second?  Whoa! Now that is super 'obviously-not snail' fast! Imagine, in just one second, you would have travelled about the same distance from Bangi (exit) to Seremban (exit) on PLUS highway!
And that is while the earth is spinning  on its axis (rotation is the terminology) at a different speed, almost half a kilometre per second (461metres/second to be exact) for those at or near the equator (that's because you are covering earth's widest diameter to complete the rotation)
For those who have not travelled in real life, come join me now in cyberspace to.......Gold Coast Australia, a destination we frequented many years ago, the only place in Australia we had ever been. 
Come travel with me!

in 2006, they were still 'babies', cute je semua (the eldest was then without hijab, so I cannot post her picture here); very much smaller and shorter, in fact, the younger two were too short that they could not go on many rides at the theme parks. Hmm...probably it's time we should bring them there again.
but first;

A little bit about Australia before we go further about Gold Coast.

Australia is also known as Down Under.

Yes, the fact that Australia is 'down under' on the South Hemisphere (while we are above the Equator), some things go the opposite ways. Not only the stars are seen upside down (Had you looked at the constellations while you were there and then compare with back home?), hurricanes also move counter-clockwise in north hemisphere and clockwise in south hemisphere due to Earth rotation creating a force called Coriolis force (ever wonder why is there no hurricane in KL? There is no hurricane at the Equator as the Coriolis force is too weak to create hurricanes, nevertheless  hurricanes have been observed at 5 degree above the Equator. Remember the recent news about small 'hurricane' in Kuala Kedah, Alor Setar? Cuba semak berapa latitude GPS Alor Setar, above 5 degrees?). Now, don't bother to try to flush the toilet and see which way does the water spiral into, find out i.e. read, you'll know why.

Now, back to Gold Coast.
There are many travel blogs by Malaysians about Gold Coast, so I assume; many Malaysians like to go to Gold Coast. Why not? Traveling time is shorter than to UK or European countries (don't mention USA, it takes almost 24 hours to reach there). It only takes us 8 hours to reach there. Yes, Perth takes only 4 hours but Gold Coast is a livelier place to visit. This is the nearest 'Negara Orang Putih' from Malaysia.

You'll be disappointed if you go there to find gold. There is no gold in Gold Coast but you'll get to see sunrise from the yellow-gold horizon, awesome. Anyway, their gold rush was 2 centuries ago.

10 things about Gold Coast;

(1). Gold Coast is known for its theme parks. Before Hong Kong Disneyland, Legoland Malaysia and USS Singapore theme parks were open, Gold Coast has been the place. Dreamworld was even opened earlier than Tokyo Disneyland. Most Malaysians go there not for work or study, but for having fun with the rides at the theme parks and enjoy the beaches.....and also for honeymoon. So, you'll either see young couples (on honeymoon la tu) or families with children. You won't meet Malaysian parents who come for their son's/daughter's graduation (go to Melbourne or Sydney lah ya). Yes, Gold Coast has many theme parks catered mainly for adults and some for children. So, if your child/children are still very young (hence shorter than 150 cm), the rides are limited to only some but they are still interesting and exciting (even for accompanying parents).

So, recently, 'Pokcik' and 'Mokcik' ni pun bawalah our 2 'babies' there as they are now not short anymore. The eldest is reading Medicine in another country far, far away and the second one decided not to follow as his exam is around the corner.

At the theme parks, there are 3 types of rides : thrill rides, kids rides and family rides, so everyone can enjoy themselves. The 2 children 'eksyennya' took only the thrill rides. The accompanying parents (aka us) also did not take family rides nor kids rides, err....we took our own ride.....sitting on the ground, eheheh.

As usual, ada roller coaster lah kan? This 'Superman Escape' is the landmark of Movie World, you can see the bright railing from far. Who wants to 'fly' fast like Superman? You'll accelerate from 0 to 100km/hr in just 2 seconds, I can imagine some parts of my body boleh tertinggal kat starting point.

Then, imagine slowly being carried up high in the sky, then released. You sky-dive in sitting position with your legs hanging freely. This 'Giant Drop ride' is at the Dream World, the tallest free-fall vertical ride in the world. Falling from 119m or almost 400 feet (39-storey) high and at up to 135km/hr plunge speed, these 2 'babies' seemed to enjoy the ride they missed years ago. 

They were queuing for Superman's ride at Movieworld.

So I said to My Clone;

"This is like 'once you are buckled up, that's it, you can never back off'. Kalau tengah beratur, boleh la cancel"

She said back;

"Even kalau tengah beratur pun, Ma. Once in, never out. Unless you want to do the walk of shame"

That's you mom, dear. I'd rather do the walk of shame than peeing in my pants.

Me? Me still equals 'chicken' when it comes to theme parks rides. I didn't want to scare my heart hearing my own loud screaming in fear. Chickened out, I just sat down, did the usual i.e. people watching while waiting for them.

Ada 2 sebab utama pakai sunglasses. 
1 = nak elakkan silau mata
2 = senang nak tidur, orang tak perasan sangat :))

So, selalunya kami berdua duduk tunggu dan tunggu sahaja, sesekali sahaja Prof (bukan panggilan sebenar) pergi temankan budak berdua tu.

Saya hanya menjadi jurugambar sahaja.

2. Very important, ETA visa. Not only you have to have a passport valid for at least 6 months ahead, you have to obtain ETA as well. It is actually FOC but the service provider will charge variably between RM20-50 if done locally or AUD 10-39 depending on which agency you choose to assist you. Without this visa, you are not allowed entry into Australia. 

3. There are 2 main airports to choose if you are travelling from KLIA: the nearer Coolangatta airport (30-40 minutes' drive) and the bigger Brisbane airport (about an hour's journey)

- From KLIA, there are only 2 direct flights. AirAsia takes off from KLIA2 and lands at Coolangatta airport while MH departs KLIA and touches down at Brisbane airport.
- We had experienced both. MH lands late in the evening so by the time you reach Gold Coast, it will be 1-2 hours later (depending on immigration clearance and traffic) and you'll reach Gold Coast near/past midnight. AirAsia : depending on the days : its landing time can be in the morning or at night about 8pm.
So, plan.
If you wish to visit (and shop - cheap tableware items especially that brand that says 'shatterproof') Brisbane DFO, you either spend the night in Brisbane or drive up north again another day after you have reached Gold Coast.
If you just want to explore Gold Coast, perhaps arriving at Coolangatta is a better option. That is my opinion. The view is also nicer (beaches along the way vs no beach) but at night time, you can't see much, can you?

Belum pun setengah jam berlepas, yang seorang tu seperti dijangkakan, dah tidur. Seorang lagi pun seperti dijangkakan, akan buat muka 'tak suka' bila saya nak ambil gambar dia.
On board food was not as good as MH. For example, its nasi lemak, all was put in one container, not as pictured in their website. Hmm.....certainly not the way I would like it to be, tapi kalau nak difikirkan, dalam perut semua bercampur-aduk pun. Anyway, nasi lemak Pak Nasser tu memang sedap.

...and when 'Pokcik' made a request for a space so he could perform solat, the flight supervisor Mr Eddie even provided him with a praying mat, while 'Mokcik' offered her 'solat hormat waktu' sitting on her seat. We took our wudhu' using 'khauf' method that we learnt from Ustaz Dr Basit. 

4. When to visit Gold Coast? It is summer in December, that means longer daytime, and longer day out to enjoy. Of the 4 school term breaks, we enjoyed year end the most.

5. If you go there during year end, you may want to avoid Schoolies Week as there'll be a lot of school leavers (lebih kurang macam lepasan SPM) from the whole of Queensland and accommodation may be fully booked. They usually have programmes at Surfers Paradise. We went there once during schoolies week and we did not like the noise and the crowd.

6. Choose where to stay. There are many beaches. Surfers Paradise is one of the many and is a hotspot for tourists who want to go surfing or buy souvenirs.  Some shops at Surfers Paradise are still open after 6pm unlike other places. In other places, shops close by 5.30pm except for Thursday (7 or 9pm). We stayed in Surfers Paradise during all of our visits, except once when we rented a privately-owned waterfront house. Apa lagi, seronoklah bapanya memancing ikan.

... beautiful waterfront houses. 

in 2006, during our family honeymoon, My Clone was this little and adorable. 

During our recent stay there, the interior of this lovely apartment unit was still very much the same....

....and this time the 'little one' dah tak banyak buat sampah, she has grown up and helped herself in the kitchen.

 From the bedrooms, you'll either get the either hinterland/river view or sea view.

In fact, the kitchen too. You can happily do the dishes while humming your favourite songs and watching the beautiful scenery outside the glass window.

Dah ada tram pun, baru buka tahun ni, planned for extension in preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth Game in 2018.

7. Yes, there are a few halal eateries but if you bring your family along, they (and most likely you too) will get bored with eating kebabs or fish and chips or even outside food everyday (unless you are that type, we're not, we now appreciate home cooking more). So, cook. That means, stay in a self-contained apartment or even a house, you'll feel almost like home. Don't forget to pack some food items. We Malaysians love eating, don't we?

Bring along food paste, turmeric powder, or 'pre-packed food',  cooking oil, instant noodles, canned food, rice and chilly powder. Make sure they are all new in packs ie unopened. Put them in a separate luggage, easy to have them inspected. Some even made a list of the food items they brought, good!

Vegetables are cheap too (don't convert unless you want to starve), halal poultry and meat is easily available, seafood is also not that expensive. So, you can have rice, 'telur goreng kicap' or omelette, chicken (fried, baked, in curry), fried asparagus (this is the time to eat their big, juicy and yummy Australian asparagus, at a much cheaper price), pasta with bolognaise or carbonara sauce, seafood (fried rice, tom yam, sambal, marinara etc), sardine sandwich etc etc. This is the time when rice is eaten with just sunny-side-up eggs in soy sauce; licin berselera anak-anak makan. 

White asparagus (not in Gold Coast)

Teringat asparagus putih.
This is white asparagus called 'spargel' in Germany, a German delight cum obsession (they even have a special 'asparagus pot' to cook it and they serve it as the centrepiece of the meal, you should also eat from the stalk end to the tip as you want to save the best for last), spring (April-June) is the harvest season. Germans love asparagus that it is nicknamed King's Vegetable (translated from German language, of course). We love asparagus too, but in KL, we only eat the green asparagus and the local ones are not big in size.

The best ones to choose from : straight, white, big and don't forget to check the 'freshness' of the stem. 

See what I mean? The 'spargel' was arranged/served as the centrepiece of the meal. This meal was suggested by Dr Fischer when he took us for dinner. It was in early May this year. When we visited there in March for my clinical attachment, it was still not on. Hubby ordered this (saya tak order ni sebab tak suka salmon)

During our mother-daughter bonding session in June, 'spargel' was still in season. Much cheaper than in KL (you can only find spargel in certain upmarket food stores). I decided to try cooking it, so I bought 500gm for only Eu1,50 - 6 big stalks! Baru RM4 lebih, memang murah!

Well...My Clone and I didn't follow their eating etiquette. We chopped the stalks into thin slices, before adding them to mushroom soup together with chicken sausages. 

I even ate it with nasi lemak. (There's a joke about having nasi lemak for breakfast in Germany but I don't think it is proper to mention it as it'll remind us of Nazi)

Err... don't just think about food items, bring other items too. Medicine (pain killer, cough mixture etc but not herbal medicine ya) and toiletries. Things are cheaper in Malaysia, so buy and pack. Detergent, sponge, cloth for wiping etc too. Why wait to buy there when you get them here cheaper? But at the same time, think of the luggage weight limit ya. Takkan nak bawa lesung batu pula kan? 

8. Yes, it is true that Australia has more than 20% population born outside Australia (i.e. previously immigrants). They welcome any race, so they claim. But their Customs is very strict when it comes to food. Not all types of food are allowed to 'visit' or 'migrate' to Australia. Again, the Customs is very strict with food quarantine. Why? It is because they want to protect their land from pests that can endanger their agriculture. That's how they have maintained their clean and wholesome food supply. 

Basically they are :
PLANT MATERIAL : seeds, nuts, spices, herbs
ANIMAL PRODUCTS : dairy products, egg products

So, please respect their intention and don't try to cheat them. If you are not sure, just tick at the box on the landing/declaration card. If you declare all food items, you would not be penalised, even if they are not allowed into Australia. They may dispose them into the bin. Let them do it. (Tengok rancangan 'Border Security'? Ada yang bergaduh tak nak bagi the Custom officer confiscate the items) Don't hide, you may get caught (and served with a warning or even a fine of 340AUD on the spot or prosecuted and later fined with heavier sum or even jailed). 

Even if they miss the hidden and undeclared item/s, it is not an honest thing to do when we visit one's place. Imagine people visiting our house and bring food or something that is never allowed into our house? So every time we went there, we just ticked the food 'box' on the declaration card.

9. Stores close as early as 5pm, except for some souvenir shops in Surfers Paradise. So, plan your visit to the theme parks early and be back before 4pm so that you can stop by at Harbour Town to buy vegetables and food items on your way back.

I love going to Harbour Town, not for shopping designer items (that is not me). We usually ate lunch (there were 3-4 halal eateries), bought groceries, went into kitchenware retail shops (I collect crab crackers) and took pictures of these birds

Look up on the trees and the roofs.

Yes! These are macaws 

Macaws are long tailed, colourful parrots. Ingat cerita Rio?
Orang lain sibuk shopping branded items, 'Mokcik' ni sibuk ambil gambar burung macaw.

10. For theme park tickets, buy online. It is cheaper eg VIP card for unlimited entry into 3 particular parks costs less much less. But not all theme parks. Choose which theme parks you want to go to. Find out about the location of certain necessities e.g.. almost all have halal restaurant and prayer room.


Enough with these 10 things (you are welcome to add to the list). Read travel forums and travel blogs. You'll get more excited when the stories and pictures you read/saw in those blogs later come alive. 
Now, let me excite you more with this another fact about Australia...
Australia Innovates.
(Say again?)
Australia Innovates.
Yes, they have had many innovations!

Define innovation : (I'm not a walking dictionary, go find it yourself , heheh )
How different is it from invention?
(Ehem....bukan I.M.I.T.A.S.I. tau)

Contoh mudah inovasi orang 'Ostolia' yang nampak-simple-tapi-tak-simple adalah boomerang. Baru ku tahu ada banyak jenis boomerang. Ada yang tak datang balik kat kita pun i.e. tak semua boomerang tu jenis 'returning boomerang'. Have you ever thought how is it made so that it flies in oblique direction then comes back to you? 

Semakin banyak saya korek, semakin kagum saya dengan apa yang ada di-inovasi oleh mereka.
Saya beri contoh barangan yang berkait dengan dunia pekerjaan saya di hospital.

- Siapa yang tak pernah makan antibiotik? Antibiotik pertama (penicillin) tu inovasi orang Australia.
- 'disposable plastic syringe' tu satu inovasi. Asalnya mereka menghadapi masalah dengan ubat penicillin yang membeku dalam syringe kaca (mereka yang sebaya Mokcik
 mungkin masih ingat waktu sekolah rendah dulu-dulu, BCG dicucuk menggunakan syringe kaca kan?) Sekarang ambil darah tak perlu risau berkongsi jarum/syringe.
- Mesin grey scale ultrasound itu pun satu inovasi mereka (tak dapat dibayangkan kalau tak ada mesin scan untuk saya monitor pembesaran folikel/kantung telur dalam ovari atau untuk scan janin dalam kandungan, kenalah jadi bomoh/bidan)
- Bab IVF, teknik embryo freezing dan kemudiannya thawing dan transfer pun satu inovasi (bayi pertama hasil frozen embryo  adalah dari Australia). Bayangkan kalau tak ada teknik 'embryo freezing' ini, terpaksa dibuang lebihan embrio selepas fresh cycle....sayangnya membazir......

- Siapa pula yang belum lagi ambil vaksin kanser serviks? Vaksinasi kanser serviks, itu pun satu inovasi. Belum pernah ada vaksin untuk mana-mana kanser pun.
- Yang pernah memakai braces pada gigi, bersyukurlah dengan braces sekarang kerana dahulunya ia tidaklah indah pada pandangan mata dan berat pula nak pakai 'head gear' tu (ingat cerita 'Finding Nemo'?.

Ada juga inovasi mereka berkait dengan kita yang melancong sana-sini ;
- Ciri keselamatan pada passport (jika ke luar negara) juga satu inovasi
- Pernah lihat matawang kertas Australia? Wang kertas plastik/polimer juga satu inovasi - lebih tahan lama dan ciri keselamatan juga lebih
- Black box flight recorder itu pun satu inovasi

Nak melintas jalan di Australia?
- ATPD Audio Tactile Pedestrian Detector (alaaa….kan sistem kawalan trafik di situ ada bunyi perlahan sewaktu 'jangan melintas' dan bunyi laju sewaktu 'melintas' , sungguh membantu bagi mereka yang menghadapi masalah penglihatan)
- SCAT Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic - sistem kawalan trafik yang real-time mengikut tahap kesesakan. Macam ni, tak perlu guna polis trafik lagi agaknya. Pernah memandu di Australia dan merasa bertuah kerana lampu trafik hijau memanjang terutamanya apabila jalanraya lengang? Itulah kerja SCAT.

- Wifi pun satu inovasi (bayangkan kalau tiada wifi)
- Smart modem pun satu inovasi
- Googlemap juga satu inovasi Australia. Dah pernah tengok rumah/kawasan kediaman sendiri?

dan senarai inovasi mereka masih panjang lagi….

Siapa yang tak kenal dengan Sydney Opera House ni?
Binaan ni pun satu inovasi.
Bumbung putih tu pun sebenarnya jika dicantumkan, akan membentuk sebiji sfera lengkap.

So, why compare with Australia?
Other countries also have a lot of innovations.
Best sangat ke Australia tu yang kita nak jadikan contoh?
Why compare with such a big country with land size in multiples of our beloved Malaysia (7.7 million sq km vs 330,000 sq km)?
Well...size does not matter when it comes to that.
Check their population.
In 2013 - it was reported as 23 million.
Now check our population in the same year
We already reached that number in 2010 (22.6 million)
Wait! Check again. That's not just it!
Actually, that 22.6 million was just for Peninsular Malaysia. Combined with Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan, the population in 2010 was over 27 million.

Errk! Gulp...

That means,
we have the same (if not bigger) volume of grey matter since their head size (thus brain mass) is not much bigger than ours.
Now, that size does matter!
So, what have we used our grey matter for?
Or is there something wrong (in capital letters) with our education system that we left school not encouraged to think outside the box nor given the opportunity to make our dreamt innovation a reality?

Let us innovate
We should too....actually we already have had some innovations.
(tepuk tangan)
eg. the pen drive by a Malaysian (Pua Khein Seng) although he was in Taiwan when he made that. (Even if people have been claiming that it's not him since the flash memory was invented by a Japanese Fuji Masuoka much earlier in 1984, but still.......)

Then we have this 'Angel' hook - by Rusmira Ramli , a nursing sister at a government hospital in Perlis.

Then we also have this RosPin (rostrum pintar) by smart students from SMT Seri Pelindung, Kuantan

So, Malaysia boleh pun! Get the list longer.

We have had a Ministry dedicated for that (MoSTI : Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) beginning 2006 (previously MoSTE since 1973 - E for Environment)
We even have a song!
Listen to the song titled 'Malaysia Inovatif' by the Lim Kok Wing University and lyrics by MoSTI
(I have just found out that LKW Sound and Music Academy has produced many of our patriotic songs
This song is so catchy;

'Malaysia inovatif
meneraju inovasi,
Malaysia inovatif
pemacu ekonomi…..'

There is a foundation engaged to the Ministry : Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM), check its website and also their updates on Facebook. The CEO is my fellow senior sekolah menengah dulu (Hi bro). Present your ideas to YIM.
..and the recently launched agency called MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre)(in Apr 2014 by Mr Barack Obama and our PM when he visited us)

... and we should encourage more 'Steve Jobs' - the master of computer innovation (not invention). I'd say he's an opportunist, in a good way. He saw the potentials and he brought them to us. Watch the movie about him 'Jobs' or read about him and you'll realise that you can be like him too.
We already have many Mat Jenins, so listen to their dreams and use them as ideas.
We also have many who love to complain. Kita belum habis cakap lagi, dia dah angkat tangan dan kata "Saya bangkang!" Heheh. Use their complaints as 'problem/s identified'.
We just need more 'Steve Jobs' : envision and make the impossibles work!

p/s ; kena batang hidung sendiri sebab saya pun belum innovate apa2 significant pun, hah!....malu....
Asyik ambil peranan Mat Jenin je.
Sebenarnya niat awal saya nak 'meng-google' Australia tourism, tapi banyak terbabas masuk simpang lain....



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