Sebelum mencedok atau memetik 'ilmu' dari laman ini, anda tidak perlu meminta kebenaran tetapi diingatkan membuat semakan sendiri terlebih dahulu dengan doktor anda atau guru anda sebelum mem'forward'nya kepada orang lain dan memikul tanggungjawab akibatnya.

Pohon doa kesejahteraan dan limpahan rahmat Allah ke atas ibubapa saya dan ibubapa mertua saya. Juga ke atas guru-guru saya dan juga pesakit-pesakit saya yang banyak mengajar saya bidang ini. Segala pujian bagi Allah (peringatan ini untuk diri sendiri) . Mudah-mudahan, taubat saya diterimaNya dan segala dosa saya diampunkanNya serta saya terus dilimpahi rahmatNya. Sekiranya ada kesalahan, pohon dibetulkan, saya terbuka kepada teguran.

Sebarang percubaan berbentuk komen atau soalan bertujuan mengiklankan apa sahaja perniagaan atau blog sendiri tidak akan disiarkan. Blog ini bukanlah untuk iklan menjual barang. Peace.....

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Take Time To (Read Books and) Realise

Began reading it last evening.
Just finished reading it in less than 24 hours.

Now this is what I call page-to-page-you-just-cannot-stop-reading-it compulsive reading. This is the book that you want to stop sometimes in between reading it because you want to try to recite the sayings which are in almost every few pages, but at the same time you want to continue reading it because you want to know what next, what next as you want to know how it ends.

My Teacher gave me this book 10 days ago, which he bought thousands of miles away across the continents and seas.

He asked me to read it while he's away performing Umrah.

This Teacher teaches me by giving this book which then teaches me about following your dreams and realising the important things in life (ya, ya, I know Prof, this is the right way of teaching, not just spoon-feeding us like schoolchildren)

I told him that I had already read this book long time ago, but let's blame childbirth (heheh), I had lost a few megabytes of my memory and I forgot about the storyline except that the main character is a shepherd.

Well....probably more than just a few megabytes were actually lost after childbirth (hahah) as I tend to buy books in doubles as I forgot that I already bought one before.

... just like this book 
(err...these TWO books of the same kind)
This is also a very good book. The Last Lecture.
Btw, have you read 'The Last Sermon' by Prophet Muhammad?

But he still bought that book for me, with his words of wisdom (amongst other words, hehe) written on the inside;

"..... (dot dot dot and bla bla bla)...... sometimes the very thing you search for is exactly in front, staring back at you .....(dot dot dot again)...."

Only about 160 pages, this book is full with important lessons that I am now ready to read it again, this time, at much slower pace, really digesting the meaning of each lesson-sentence.

That's what teachers do.
They teach, directly and indirectly.
They lead.
They inspire.

TQ Prof aka bla bla bla :)

So, when I wanted to share about the lessons from the book to my Clone, she aka Miss-Know-All didn't really pay much attention. Instead, she took out a book from her bag and showed this to me while saying;

"Ma, we already learned (about) this at school"

Hmm...she's lucky that that is taught formally in class. There is this subject called 'Guidance Programme' where students are taught about all these including other interesting things eg personal grooming and table manners. 

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