Sebelum mencedok atau memetik 'ilmu' dari laman ini, anda tidak perlu meminta kebenaran tetapi diingatkan membuat semakan sendiri terlebih dahulu dengan doktor anda atau guru anda sebelum mem'forward'nya kepada orang lain dan memikul tanggungjawab akibatnya.

Pohon doa kesejahteraan dan limpahan rahmat Allah ke atas ibubapa saya dan ibubapa mertua saya. Juga ke atas guru-guru saya dan juga pesakit-pesakit saya yang banyak mengajar saya bidang ini. Segala pujian bagi Allah (peringatan ini untuk diri sendiri) . Mudah-mudahan, taubat saya diterimaNya dan segala dosa saya diampunkanNya serta saya terus dilimpahi rahmatNya. Sekiranya ada kesalahan, pohon dibetulkan, saya terbuka kepada teguran.

Sebarang percubaan berbentuk komen atau soalan bertujuan mengiklankan apa sahaja perniagaan atau blog sendiri tidak akan disiarkan. Blog ini bukanlah untuk iklan menjual barang. Peace.....

Saturday, 21 May 2011

"Excite me more"

Their shophouses looked beautiful, but their cottage houses were more beautiful, just like the pictures on the jigsaw-puzzle boxes.

'Pause' lagi sementara menghabiskan carian ilmu sampingan.
Like others, I love reading too.
I'd try to read about one non-medical topic every week.
Kdg2 berjaya,
Byk kdg2 mcm goldfish je (the attention span),
Byk kdg2 juga mcm kura2 (the speed le).
Banyak nak juggle membaca ni - buku medical, buku non-medical, buku cerita, tafsir, suratkhabar, blog, buku resipi, buku teks sekolah dan magazine anak, map-google dll (di samping 'membaca' di dalam tidur).

Tak termasuk menulis artikel, medical report dan mem-blog :)

My reading about a particular topic would last for a few days only.
But not this time.
Although school holiday is just around the corner (and I should start preparing for that),
My topic of interest is still about this country,
and the more I feel the inadequacy in my knowledge about it,
(feels like it is never-ending),

the more I'm 'aroused' by it.






And I shall say it again,

The more I dig about its history, the more I'm in love about this place on earth (or should I say, the land below earth-level)


  • Not about the 'guilty' Anthony van Diemen (macam Jean Claude Van Damme the-muscles-from-Brussels je nama dia ni), he who led the Dutch onto us on the 3rd attack, with ally from Johor, in 1641.

  • Not so much about its colonial history here that makes me glued with eyes wide open and brain spongy-absorbent,

  • Not that I'm from Melaka and I still see its colonialism in:
- the names of some of the streets (mcm Jln Tun Tan Cheng Lock kat tgh2 bandar tu was named Heeren street)
- their colonial architectures: the shophouses on Jln Tun Tan Cheng Lock were built during the Dutch era (and the way they imposed tax macam they did on the houses back home - according to the width of the house),
- architechture again: the red Stadhuys (have you heard about the story why it was painted red, people spit betel nut juice in hatredness?)
- the food : durian belanda, terung belanda (dulu ada kt blkg rumah, tumbuk dgn sambal belacan, and they r orange too!), ayam belanda (heh)
- they (or we?) imprinted Belanda on these too : tikus belanda, paku belanda
- err....tak cukup nama Belanda, nama Dutch pun ada : Susu Dutch Lady :)

  • Not that I visited Amsterdam 2 years back (IVF conference, of course with Iman - my handbag and the nanny-sister, Liza),

No No NO.
A'ou! (No, in Dutch)

but because;

  • -I've spent days and like reading on the long n interesting history of tulip and the well known tulipmania which changed to 'tulip bubble burst' and turned rich merchants into peasants overnight (besides the history about how tulip was brought into the country and how tulip got its name);

(it is as fascinating to learn about tulip itself, the bulb, the virus turning them into vibrant colourful striped rarities, the life cycle and how the Dutch modified it for storage/trading)

- the associated introduction of 'speculation' (the unknown outcome/luck of tulip bulbs through paper-trading) into the world of Economy

  • still on agriculture, they were also the ones who bred orange carrots ( I know that previously there were only red, purple, black, yellow and white carrots);

  • and why they chose orange as their colour (even for their football team), almost everything but their very own flag (but there is also history as to that why orange was changed to red band) and William de Orange;

- and till today, I'm still searching how Belanda got that name (who gave the name - the Malays or the Indonesians? );

Blue was reserved for Delft industry....otherwise...I suppose...ORANGE!

  • their seafaring power, with 9-month sea journey (sanggup tu, kalau pregnant sempat beranak pun), the United Dutch East India Company (VOC in Dutch acronym) ship that would occupy 200 just to ensure that at least half would return alive.
(sekarang naik 'belon' dalam setengah hari dah sampai Amsterdam)

  • Pepatah Melayu ada berkata - seperti Belanda minta tanah (how ironical it is that later on, the International Court of Justice resides in the Hague, remember our dispute w S'pore on Pulau Batu Puteh?)....err....where is justice?

But I still could not comprehend why the Malay proverb put the Dutch at fault as according to the Raffles manuscript, it was the Portuguese Captain who tricked our Sultan Ahmad Shah into giving them (against the Bendahara n Temenggong's advice) 'a piece of land the size of the skin of a dead animal' in change for gold; which they eventually cut the skin into a thin, long cord used to measure a big square size of land. And so they erected a large building (fortress-like), from within they attacked Melaka with cannons and the rest was history.....Melaka being defeated.

Hmm...nape tak cakap seperti Portugis minta tanah?

Above all;

- the fact that the Dutch were once like us, their country too was conquered by another country, Spain, for 80 years (1568-1648) but they fought hard.....

....and we r still not far from where the last colony (that is British dear, in case you slept during History class) left us.....

(btw, the Dutch 'stayed' longer in Indonesia and only granted them independence in 1949, so the claimed title 'big brother' to us yg gained independence 8 years later, iya ke?)

and I believe,
there are more to learn about the Netherlands : the windmills, wooden clogs, cheese, delftware pottery and not least, the magic mushroom aka cannabis ( trance....)
Obviously not the last, but I don't plan to know more about their liberalization on same-sex marriage and euthanasia.

Now....siapa nak sponsor I gi Amsterdam?

Makan, kita 'go Dutch' lah ya :)
Worry not, their Muslim population is 5% (hence halal food availability, hopefully) of the 16 million total.

...and sumpah, saya dulu tak minat (sebenarnya tak pandai, tapi tak nak mengaku) subjek Sejarah langsung., kenapa sekarang saya minat pasal sejarah Dutch ni?
(unlike En Jake, a good historian apart from a much better surgeon than I am)

It all started because of the topic 'Tulip and the Fall of the Dutch economy'......greed....the BIG sin.

...I better continue reading about it (dan berangan belajar ambik Degree in Ekonomi).

...or maybe I should continue reading about history, and learn from it....

...btw, in the Netherlands, IVF is public!

...and one of the 2 recombinant-FSH products (used in ovarian stimulation) comes from the Netherlands! (and so do other reproductive drugs)

at Madurodam, everyone can be a giant, though not many have destructive Calvin-mind like this girl...

...and their 'kedai kopi' free time was actually not mind-free, she was in deep thought....


  1. I luv reading too...nowadays nk tau apa2, I google jer... Nice sharing doc ;-)

  2. tetibe rasa nak g holland.. ehehe!;)

  3. Sahida - saja lupa nak mention the red light area :) They ride bicycles, ada banyak merata basikal, tapi not as nice as yg kat Barcelona. Now u make me feel that I have to dig further about Holland.

  4. Doc jgn lupa share anythg about Holland di sini. bila baca gaya santai doc, rasa mcm diri berada di situ..;)

  5. Adilah...
    I just realised that we must have crossed path many times before... a long long time ago... back when we were young and enthusiastic and still in the dark about many other aspects of life. You know, back when I wasn't a real sceptic and wasn't this foul-mouthed. Not to mention back when I was still a pretty boy. Well, the current foul ranting is more of a showbiz thingy anyway... but I digress.
    All the best... Amsterdam is a real crazy town.

  6. i love amsterdam!- the tulips, bicycles, fising village.. but i didnt know as much about it as u do!

  7. I am pretty sure that you are younger than me, you have time to catch up :) I had under-utilised some of mine, so I have to learn fast now...

  8. Ada lagi satu....kuih belanda! Rupanya kat sana banyak dijual waffles :)