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Pohon doa kesejahteraan dan limpahan rahmat Allah ke atas ibubapa saya dan ibubapa mertua saya. Juga ke atas guru-guru saya dan juga pesakit-pesakit saya yang banyak mengajar saya bidang ini. Segala pujian bagi Allah (peringatan ini untuk diri sendiri) . Mudah-mudahan, taubat saya diterimaNya dan segala dosa saya diampunkanNya serta saya terus dilimpahi rahmatNya. Sekiranya ada kesalahan, pohon dibetulkan, saya terbuka kepada teguran.

Sebarang percubaan berbentuk komen atau soalan bertujuan mengiklankan apa sahaja perniagaan atau blog sendiri tidak akan disiarkan. Blog ini bukanlah untuk iklan menjual barang. Peace.....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Little things, big things

Recently, I performed a Caesarean section on a patient, 4 days before raya.
To those who have known me, they are aware that I have stopped providing antenatal and delivery services to patients beginning this year. Maybe for the next 1-2 years...

Reason no 1 (the good reason);
- I want to concentrate on general gynaecology and infertility treatment
- penat kerja ni, the mental tireness
- money is not everything and I feel blessed with what I have achieved so far

Reason no 2 (the true reason);
- none other than to spend more time and attention to Iman
- she is growing very fast, physically and emotionally and I don't want to miss any more of her milestones

Reason no 3 (additional but strong reason too);
- my hubby is an O&G consultant too, so let him alone be busy to the nights

Why I agreed to take this patient? (so that other patients don't feel dejected)
With 2 previous Caesarean scars, traumatic 2nd delivery, and she persistently requested for me, I relented.

The date was pushed to the daddy's birthday!
A mother would endure all the troubles,
even though she had been experiencing "irritable uterus".

That's beside the point.

The thing was,

I felt touched when she thanked me for, among others;

- that I gave back the skin with fibrotic scar (keloid) that I removed (about 2cm wide and 10cm long).
- that I asked the staff to switch off the radio before starting the operation, only to switch it on after the baby was delivered and shown to her and pushed out of the operating theatre
- that I asked her to say "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim" before I made the skin incision
- that I did say the same and made my assisting nurses say it too
- that I wished "Assalamualaikum" after I pulled her baby out of her uterus
- that I said "selawat" before I cut the umbilical cord

She did not have the same experience with other doctors before.
I told her;
"I am not pious, nor religous
It's just my personal stand/practice,
as I would have wanted my doctor to do the same to me too."

and for her to commend those,
I was humbly honoured.

Additionally, for those who deliver normally (vaginally),
and have husband by their side,
I would offer the daddy-to-be the privilege to cut the umbilical cord (when conditions permitted, of course), with my guidance and me protecting the kicking legs n moving hands of the baby's;
and would remind them to say "selawat" before doing that;
and I would pray that the daddy-and-child bond would be as strong as ever.
A few husbands dared not,
but many grabbed the opportunity.

and I didn't allow the assisting nurses to "shout" their support,
Delivering your baby does not need football-arena-like of "Teran! Teraaaan!" cheering that people outside the room can hear clearly.
We are not making a scene or drama here, ladies, we are delivering a human being.
The nurses knew me for that, their decibels somehow turned reasonably low when they assisted me.

To readers,
You can make requests to your doctors,
and your doctors would usually try to entertain them (within their capacity n practice/belief, of course)
I once received through an e-mail a long list of to-do and not-to-do things from a couple for the Caesarean delivery of their twins,
unfortunately the mail was opened days after the operation (as I didn't check my mails daily).
I also overcame similar requests posted on the web (you can copy and paste or modify).
and you are welcome to suggest some more too!
Sharing is caring, mah?

All of us want to have good things right from the very beginning,
Especially when they concern our children.

and please understand why I decline to deliver your babies.
Rest assured, other doctors are good too.
and I shall be back in a year or two, insyaAllah...