Sebelum mencedok atau memetik 'ilmu' dari laman ini, anda tidak perlu meminta kebenaran tetapi diingatkan membuat semakan sendiri terlebih dahulu dengan doktor anda atau guru anda sebelum mem'forward'nya kepada orang lain dan memikul tanggungjawab akibatnya.

Pohon doa kesejahteraan dan limpahan rahmat Allah ke atas ibubapa saya dan ibubapa mertua saya. Juga ke atas guru-guru saya dan juga pesakit-pesakit saya yang banyak mengajar saya bidang ini. Segala pujian bagi Allah (peringatan ini untuk diri sendiri) . Mudah-mudahan, taubat saya diterimaNya dan segala dosa saya diampunkanNya serta saya terus dilimpahi rahmatNya. Sekiranya ada kesalahan, pohon dibetulkan, saya terbuka kepada teguran.

Sebarang percubaan berbentuk komen atau soalan bertujuan mengiklankan apa sahaja perniagaan atau blog sendiri tidak akan disiarkan. Blog ini bukanlah untuk iklan menjual barang. Peace.....

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sekolah yang ku cintai

our book - Tinta Mas

The only way I can be in front is by sitting down, Iman on the far left dengan rambut panjangnya and my dear laling next to me. Shake's hse 2006

I was at the back, maklumlah, tinggi. d Mines 2008

I owed my beloved parents for my educational exposure. Abah sent me to SRK (P)Durian Daun somewhat 13km far from home, perhaps because he taught at a Chinese school (Ping Ming) nearby. Didn't know why my big brother went to Ping Ming while me and Lily did not. Abah and Along can speak Mandarin. Me? Just :

"Ni hau ma? and Wo hen hau, xie xie" or

" Ni de mingtze ma? and Wo de mingtze Adilah" or "ping ko a?"

But since I have a bit of Chinese look, whenever people ask (especially the shopkeeper Ah Moi) I would not hesitate to say yes, just to get a good bargain.

Having had 2 years of year 1 education before my official std 1 (hey! my parents were teachers, so ikut je la gi sekolah instead of kindergarten), x hairanlah kalau muka ni je yang naik atas pentas ambil segala hadiah year end after another. The same when in MRSMJ, sampai Cikgu komen gurau "asyik2 muka ni je". Even my homeroom teacher Cikgu Abd Rahim named his firstborn Adilah (she is also studying Medicine now). He once told abah, "saya pun x faham, Adilah bukanlah seorang yang rajin" :-) a kinder way of saying malas belajar le tu. Principal's toplist every year, SRP 8A1's and SPM 9A's (I got A2 for Biology as I skipped the Amali paper 2 mukasurat, kertas melekat kot, another A2 for Add Math). During that time, at MRSMJ, the classes Alpha and Beta were regarded as the better ones (Prinsip Akaun) while Classes Chi (mine), Delta, Epsilon and Phi were doing Biology instead. I suppose the priorities at the MARA HQ level were also different then. No MARA scholarship for doing Medicine overseas. Locally, only UKM and USM je. Itupun as bukannya biasiswa tapi convertible loan, meaning kalau habis ikut term, baru tukar jadi scholarship. So I put UKM as my first choice, UKM as second and UKM again as third choices. Nak sangat masuk UKM. While my best friend Antilia (Ann) went to UK doing Actuarial Science (my dream course dulu2). Why I chose Biology/Medicine then? My thought was "dengan dosa2 yang I dah dan akan terbuat, harap2 the doctor work that I'd be doing would alleviate them, Aamiiin" That simple and honest wish.

Matriculation at MRSM Kulim for one year (9 months actually), the one thing I remembered most, bestnya laksa!. Because of that, merasa naik keretapi Sinaran Pagi dan Petang. Because of that, merasa naik feri Pulau Pinang. I didn't excel pun, the reason being? This calculating brain was not really good at benda2 menghafal ni. But still, dapat juga call for interview fr Shell (agaknya based on SPM result kot). So, abah sent me to Jln Dungun Shell HQ. My friend Norliza was also there (from MRSM KT). I was the first candidate (mungkin sebab nama mula dari A kot) x lama pun dia tanya especially when I reiterated that I wanted to do Medicine and not Engineering as they offered. Kesian us, Norliza's turn was even shorter. None got the offer. During this time I also encountered my first cinta monyet :-), tu yang leka kot.

Masuk 1st year in Bangi (Sains Hayat). Ramainya satu batch, over 400! Duduk Kamsis Dato' Onn, joined the group senior2 AJK kamsis (aka politics sikit2), study bertambah pening dan berkarat, could not see how I was going to survive the course that I took based on just the above niat/doa suci sahaja, without the same lot of interest and hardwork. I believed God would shine me through. My faith. True enough, based on 1st semester exam (yg x de la excellent mana pun), I was called for an interview dgn JPA, for doing Medicine at RCOS Dublin. Cuma, kena start balik from 1-yr pre-med course. Rasanya about 10-12 of us dapat, Norliza (MRSM KT), Faudziah (Jasin), Izatol (Muar),Cheetah (Muar), x ingat dah lain2. 1st interview, I went, all succeeded. Called again for a second phase interview, this time I opted out. Banyak faktor. I didn't want to lose another year bearing in mind that I had to start again the premed, we then would have graduated one year later than our friends kat UKM. Second, ehem ehem, rahsia.....:-) So during my 2nd year (at UKM Kamsis TDI near Titiwangsa), all my other friends flew to Dublin, wuaaaa......(nangis masa hantar dia org kat epot sebab menyesal nape declined the offer)

Year 2-6 at UKM KL. Nothing much, exam pun separuh nyawa je pass. Ada jugak yg failed, nasib baik bila repeated during the short hols, passed jugak. Got through in time, so MARA kindly tukar jadi scholarship, x yah bayar pun. My friends in Dublin masih belum habis lagi, hmm, in life, we gain some we lose some... Graduation best! As always, the doctors' parade onto the stage yg akan semua audience tgk2 (masa tu dah kerja pun, ni yg best jadi doktor, kerja dulu sebelum graduation and sebelum interview).

Come to think of it again, I shouldn't have regretted at all, buang masa je nangis dulu. I keep to my quote; "have faith, whatever happened had to happen" For the choices that I made earlier, I wouldn't have been here should I chose otherwise, many a times my presence was "being at the right place just in time", I would have had missed a lot if I reached there even a month later, let alone a year. And like beauty, success also has different meaning to each of us. Truly God knows a lot more and we don't.

I love schooling. Don't know why my dotter doesn't...sigh

My friends from MRSM Jasin SPM 87 who have successfully become doctors

Dr Rozaidah Jaafar from UKM (doing her Masters in Psychiatry, sebelum ni sibuk menambah koleksi anak:-) my very close friend
Dr Liu Chian Boon from UM and MRCP(the first to become a specialist, he's a paediatrician, ada own clinic in Seremban), my academic rival dulu :-)
Dr Norzila Zakaria from UKM then Masters Psychiatry USM (a lecturer & Psychiatrist in USM now doing PhD in Melbourne, Australia)
Dr Anita Yakof from UKM (a GP)
Dr Siti Mariam Yusof from UKM (a GP)
Dr Ruhaidah Adnan from UKM (a GP)
Dr Faudziah Saleh from Dublin (a medical officer in Sg Buloh clinic)
Dr Normah Ismail from UKM (a GP)
Dr Rosila Yahya from UKM (an administrator at KKM)

Ohers are doing very well too... We sometimes met, the last that I joined was in
Apr 2008 at the Mines, before that in 2006 at Shake's hse Subang Jaya (see the pix)

Now, I have a different view on time. Take your time, babe... Like what my lecturer told me upon asking why didn't I take the 6 -week maternity leave thus extending another 6 months of studying but instead I came back to work after merely 11 days postpartum (tu je cuti yg tinggal of the 14 days allowed), He advised "x pe la kalau kena extend another 6 months, so what? no big deal" He's right. But I made the right decision too.


  1. Nice reading this article. teringat zaman2 camne pun, takle sampai nak kembali ke sana. what i have now...alhamdullillah, selalu kena ingatkan diri ni, jgn terlalu pandang mereka yang kat atas...selalu pandang yg kat bawah... apa yang kita lalui adalah apa yg sebenarnya Allah tahu kita mampu tempuhinya..wallahualam.

  2. rose yg mana satu ni? rosma ke malarwati ros?

  3. Dilah...nice memory..cuma info saya tu dilap sikit..saya kat Melbourne bukan buat subspecialty tapi PHD...insyaAllah